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What is TREPAC?

TREPAC stands for Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee. It is a non-partisan political action committee that is focused on supporting candidates that support the rights of private property, homeownership, and the real estate profession. TREPAC focuses on having the right people in the right place at the federal, state, and local levels. It is a completely voluntary, nonprofit organization that ensures the REALTOR® voice is heard in Congress and at the State Capitol.

Now that you what TREPAC is, here is why you should invest…

The real estate industry faces constant legislative and regulatory proposals which can negatively impact your business. REALTOR® representation is huge for fighting these proposals that could potentially create barriers to property ownership, increase any costs of doing business and real estate transactions, and helps to maintain the positive environment we have in the real estate industry. Investing in TREPAC is the best way to be an advocate for your clients and ensuring success for your business. You insure everything else in your life. Why not ensure your business?