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The Aspiring Home-Buyer

Date: Tuesday, October 06, 2020 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Location: Back Classroom
Instructors - Speakers: Fernando Guajardo
Course Type: CE
Credits: 4 hrs
Format: Zoom
Deadline: 10/02/2020
Member Price: FREE
Non-Member Price: FREE

CE hours: 4

Cost: FREE.  MUST REGISTER BY 10/02/2020


This course explores the social dynamics of a First-Time Homebuyer. Course brings to life real world examples of who is the aspiring first-time homebuyer. Where do they live currently, where do they shop, where do they socialize? Who are they? What are their needs and how can you as a Realtor meet their expectations? Course dissects this market segment and provides necessary tools and action steps to build your business network. Will cover areas that are unique to first-time homebuyers and how to become a valuable resource for them and learn how to breakdown cultural barriers.

Instructor: Fernando Guajardo

Location: Zoom


Zoom: **Participants agree to log in early and remain on camera while class is in session and will keep the camera in a stable and unchanging position.  Students will not engage in distracting or unsafe behavior while in class including, but not limited to, driving!  If participants engage in this type of behavior they will be removed from the class and will not receive credit.


Rapattoni Class ID: 2010FTHB

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