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Mastering Buyer Representation

Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Back Classroom
Instructors - Speakers: Mac McFarland
Course Type: CE
Credits: 3 hrs
Format: Interactive Broadcast/Zoom
Deadline: Early 09/30/2020. Absolute 10/09/2020
Member Price: $30.00 by 09/30. Add $10 after 09/30
Non-Member Price: $30.00 by 09/30. Add $10 after 09/30

CE hours: 3

Cost: $30 if registered by 09/30/2020.  Add $10 after 09/30/2020.  MUST REGISTER BY 10/09


This course focuses specifically on the skills and expertise needed to be a successful Buyer’s Agent. Major aspects of buyer representation will be covered including prospecting, identifying properties, showing strategies, making offers, handling inspections and repairs, and successfully closing. This class provides the tools necessary to build a successful business focused on helping buyers navigate the real estate process.


Instructor: Mac McFarland

Location: Zoom


Zoom: **Participants agree to arrive early and remain on camera while class is in session and will keep the camera in a stable and unchanging position.  Students will not engage in distracting or unsafe behavior while in class including, but not limited to, driving!  If participants engage in this type of behavior they will be removed from the class and will not receive credit.


Rapattoni Class ID: 2010MAST

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